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You don’t want to spend your precious time calling all the banks in Singapore just so that you can find out what kind of loan packages they are offering. We consolidate all home loan packages from 16 banks in Singapore and helps home owners source for the cheapest home loan packages, which are best suited to their needs.
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Whether you are a first time property buyer or a seasoned investor, you might not realise some pitfalls until you fall into them! Since we handle more than 500 transactions a year, we keep our eyes peeled to make sure your purchase is a worry-free affair.
  1. We make sure you incur the least interest costs, all the time!
Getting a mortgage on your property is not a one time affair. We constantly keep a lookout for better financing terms available on the market and inform you to make that switch for interest savings!

About Us

Property owners have saved thousands of dollars on their mortgages using our comparison tools!

Quest Mortgage is managed by a team of 4 full-time mortgage consultants who spent the last 8 years in various banks servicing clients’ mortgage needs.

Shopping for the best home loan is a tedious process – from technical jargons to complex calculations to complicated processes. We make this simple for you by shortlisting the most competitive loan packages and match your requirements with the most cost effective option.